Winter shorts – are they a necessity?

zara yellow jacket shorts details

I know, I know, when you think about the colder weather and snowflakes, winter shorts aren’t the first thing that comes to your mind. But, hey, even if they are not something to wear on a daily basis, there’s still place for them even in autumn and winter. I’d say the one garment which is absolutely necessary are a nice pair of fuller stocking, perhaps a cable knit ones or just a nice pair of more dark ones to keep you warm, especially during winter. In fall you can opt for some not so full and opaque stockings if you wish. This is generally a personal choice, and I think both options are just as good.

These textured winter shorts from Zara are actually one of my favorite outfits for autumn/winter. In the fall I pair them with my beloved yellow leather-like jacket from Zara like I did in this shoot, but in winter time I just switch up the outerwear and go for something warmer and longer, like a beautiful coat. I wore a burgundy long-sleeve shirt with open back from Stradivarius; I felt it was a nice contrast with the colors of the shorts.

The stockings aren’t as full, because, the tattoo junkie I am, I love showing off the tattoo on my thigh. On the plus side, the vintage perfume bottle was the perfect accessory to the entire outfit. The bag is vintage, from Betty Page Vintage Shop. And last but certainly not the least, the ankle boots are from my favorite shoe brand of all times, ABO shoes.

winter shorts outfit


winter shorts tattoo outfit

zara yellow leather jacket

The photos were taken at a beautiful little corner near the Manufaktura restaurant. It has the nicest details of lots of opened red umbrellas, such a perfect touch of style. The person behind the camera is my gorgeous friend Minja (@misspsychocat), who somehow always manages to capture the coolest pictures.

umbrellas skies belgrade details

So, that would be it, for now, guys. In this post, I wanted to show you my absolutely favorite winter shorts and how I usually style them. I hope that maybe you’ll find some inspiration in it, I’d love to see your style ideas!

Till my next post,

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