A vintage girl in the city – a fashion story

retro swing dress

I’m sure some of you know that feeling you might get on a gorgeous spring day, when you just want to slip into a dress and a pair of your favorite heels and simply go out for a stroll – well, for me, these are the moments when I truly feel like a vintage girl in the city. Pair it with a photographer who can capture this atmosphere at a glance and create not just a set of photos, but a story – it is an epitome of a perfect day in my book.

This was actually the first time (and for sure not the last) I did a photoshoot with the most talented girl ever @anafiteart. We had such a great energy going on throughout the entire afternoon we spent together shooting. The photos I wanted to share with you in this post today are just a small part of the entire set, shot in one location in Belgrade. If you’d like to see some more, make sure to go check my Instagram feed. Of course, I posted a lot more photos there, as well. I love how she managed to capture my inner vintage girl and bring it to life!

As you will see from the photos below, we had the best time strolling through the streets of Belgrade. And looking at the end result, I’d say we make a pretty good team, don’t you think so? I sure hope you agree with me since you will see us collaborate a lot in the future. And to let you in on a little secret, another post with photos from our newest photoshoot is in the works! And yes, it will be another photoshoot with a vintage feel to it 🙂

So, now I’ll stop rambling and let you see what we’ve come up with. Finally, I’d love to hear your thoughts and comments, as always!

retro swing dress animal print

girl portrait

female portrait

swing dress

swing retro dress

white vintage necklace

animal print retro dress

black vintage shoes heels

swing retro dress

girl with tattoos

vintage girl

vintage black heels

This gorgeous animal print dress is from Lindy Bop. Shoes and necklace are vintage (they were a gift from my grandmother).

All my tattoos were done by @nemo_karavampirtattoo.

Photos by @anafiteart.

Till my next post,

Have a great day, Ana!