Tropical summer feel in the city

girls with tattoos

Surviving a crazy hot summer can be a mission impossible, especially if you’re spending most of it surrounded by boiling concrete wishing you could somehow get a tropical summer feel in the city. Tough one, right?

As I will be spending most of this summer in the city, today I wanted to show you how you can still feel like you’ve escaped the heat of the asphalt and still look and feel fashionable. And it won’t be with a dress, can you imagine that?

Sometimes it’s too hot even for a flowy dress, even one like this from my last post. So, this time I chose a pair of shorts. We needed a retro vibe, of course, so they had to be high-waisted. I paired them with a frilly and floral off the shoulder top, which enhances the boho chic feel. The outfit needed a statement piece jewelry so I added this gorgeous necklace in the shape of a flower. What I like about it is that it is so versatile – you can wear it in summer as well as in winter.

Since we’re trying to feel comfortable in the heat, the shoes must follow. That is why I wore these rose gold sandals that have quickly become my new summer faves. And now I have that impulse to buy them in every color! Of course, an outfit wouldn’t be complete without its majesty, the bag. Today I went for this little gold one in the form of a suitcase. Isn’t it the cutest?

So, when talking about how to get a tropical summer feel in the city, the outfit is important, but not crucial. In fact, what makes it tropical is the location. I mean, we know the location isn’t tropical, but it sure can feel like it. So, the task was to find one. And I think we did.

We shot this in the city of Pančevo, near Belgrade, and in its biggest park, Narodna bašta. The setting was so green and peaceful, under a big willow tree. And I think it was a perfect choice because it was what gave it the perfect tropical summer feel in the city. And I think it shows in the photos, too.

But, enough with the words, let’s see what the pictures have to say!

tropical summer feel in the city

old school tattoos

pixie cut hair

retro girl

girls with short hair

tropical summer feel in the city

girls with old school tattoos

traditional swallow tattoo

tropical summer feel in the city

traditional swallow tattoo

vintage bag

tropical summer feel in the city

floral statement necklace

girl portrait

vintage golden bag

The top is Stradivarius, the shorts are Pull&Bear, the necklace is @goga_polymerclay_art, the bag is from Betty Page Vintage Shop and shoes are Carmela.

Tattoos by @nemo_karavampirtattoo.

Photos by @anafiteart.

Till my next post,

Have a great day, Ana!