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A quick city getaway of a fashion kind

yellow faux leather jacket with patterned dress

In my last post we talked about outfits for a typical day in the city asphalt, but what should we wear for a quick city getaway? You know, for those days when we just need to unwind and relax, even for an afternoon. We all need those kinds of moments to just take a deep breath and enjoy some beautiful scenery. We don’t even have to go far away, there are some gorgeous spaces and gardens near us, we just need to know where to look. So, which type of outfit to choose for our quick city getaway? Even though…

A vintage girl in the city – a fashion story

retro swing dress

I’m sure some of you know that feeling you might get on a gorgeous spring day, when you just want to slip into a dress and a pair of your favorite heels and simply go out for a stroll – well, for me, these are the moments when I truly feel like a vintage girl in the city. Pair it with a photographer who can capture this atmosphere at a glance and create not just a set of photos, but a story – it is an epitome of a perfect day in my book. This was actually the first time…

Winter shorts – are they a necessity?

zara yellow jacket shorts details

I know, I know, when you think about the colder weather and snowflakes, winter shorts aren’t the first thing that comes to your mind. But, hey, even if they are not something to wear on a daily basis, there’s still place for them even in autumn and winter. I’d say the one garment which is absolutely necessary are a nice pair of fuller stocking, perhaps a cable knit ones or just a nice pair of more dark ones to keep you warm, especially during winter. In fall you can opt for some not so full and opaque stockings if you…