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Sombor Tales Part Five– Saying Goodbye

sombor tales part five

Today’s post, Sombor Tales Part Five, is actually a bittersweet one, as it’s time to say goodbye to this gorgeous city. For now, at least! In my previous Sombor posts (Sombor Tales Part One, Sombor Tales Part Two, Sombor Tales Part Three, and Sombor Tales Part Four) we’ve seen some of the things this city has to offer – beautiful nature and architecture that gives you so much inspiration! And, I have to tell you, in these five photo shoots we didn’t capture all of it, we had to save something for the next time the two of us come…

Sombor Tales Part Three – An Audrey Look

modern pin up girl model

In case you were wondering, yes, it’s time for a new post in our Sombor Tales series and I couldn’t be more excited, as we’re already up to Sombor Tales Part Three! And there’s still more to come 😉 In my two previous posts, Sombor Tales Part One and Sombor Tales Part Two, we saw some outfit ideas revolving around 50s inspired swing retro dresses. If you couldn’t tell by now, this is the style I feel most comfortable in. This is the style that represents me the most, but that still doesn’t mean I don’t gravitate towards other looks,…

Concrete tales of a vintage girl

yellow faux leather jacket with black shorts

The title of today’s post Concrete tales of a vintage girl seemed to fit like a glove as its ambiguity was perfect to explain the idea behind it. What was the idea then, you might ask? Well, in this outfit post I wanted to give you one outfit inspo on how to dress for a day among the concrete and asphalt surrounding us. So, as you may see, we’re really being concrete here, to finish off with my pun of the week, apparently… The other word of the day, apart from concrete, would be contrast. I feel like contrast is…