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Pink sunglasses and urban surroundings

pink sunglasses and urban surroundings

After a much-needed summer break, it’s finally time for some new outfit stories. And, I couldn’t be any happier, it has been a while since my last post. In today’s post, called Pink sunglasses and urban surroundings, we decided to go for a more urban atmosphere and shoot in the heart of the city. The location we shot at was under Branko’s bridge in Belgrade. It provided a perfect background and I love how the photos turned out. So, pink sunglasses and urban surrounding, do they mix well? I would say they certainly do. For today’s outfit, I went for…

Twirl and Swirl like Nobody Is Watching

twirl and swirl like nobody is watching

Today’s post may seem a bit different than the previous ones, which makes it only dearer to my heart, and the title sums it up perfectly – twirl and swirl like nobody is watching! The best way to do so? With a golden full circle skirt, of course! Have you ever had that moment when you put a garment on and it instantly provokes a feeling? Well, this was the case with the skirt in question today, that perfect feel of easiness and freedom. How did the process look like? Well, I put on this golden full circle skirt and…

A walk in the park – a perfect summer city getaway?

a walk in the park - a perfect summer city getaway

In my last post we discussed how to get that perfect tropical feel in the city; today, it’s still summer and we’re still in the city, so, a walk in the park – a perfect summer city getaway? As you might’ve guessed from the title, we’re looking for a place to escape these summer heat waves. And is there a better place to cool down than in a park, surrounded by greenery and all the beautiful scenery? I’d say we’ve found a perfect summer city getaway! So, where is this magical place to get away from the city asphalt? The…