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Swing Dresses and Houndstooth

swing dresses and houndstooth

With the summer in full bloom, dresses of all colors and patterns are always my first choice, and today it’s all about a certain print and a certain question: swing dresses and houndstooth – a match made in heaven? As you might’ve guessed so far, retro swing dresses are one of my favorite dress styles, not just for summer but all year round. Especially on a hot day such as this one, they make you look put together but still quite comfortable. The print I went for today is the houndstooth one. Even though this black and white combo isn’t…

Pin-up meets modern style mash-up

pin-up meets modern style mash-up

It’s time for my first blog post after my Sombor series (Sombor Tales Part One, Sombor Tales Part Two, Sombor Tales Part Three, Sombor Tales Part Four and Sombor Tales Part Five) and I am quite excited because, as you will see, this one is maybe a bit out of my usual comfort zone, but not that much, as the title suggests it, it’s a pin-up meets modern style mash-up. So, as I said, the styling of it isn’t perhaps my day-to-day choice but I actually fell in love with this look. This was actually quite a spontaneous photo shoot.…

Sombor Tales Part Five– Saying Goodbye

sombor tales part five

Today’s post, Sombor Tales Part Five, is actually a bittersweet one, as it’s time to say goodbye to this gorgeous city. For now, at least! In my previous Sombor posts (Sombor Tales Part One, Sombor Tales Part Two, Sombor Tales Part Three, and Sombor Tales Part Four) we’ve seen some of the things this city has to offer – beautiful nature and architecture that gives you so much inspiration! And, I have to tell you, in these five photo shoots we didn’t capture all of it, we had to save something for the next time the two of us come…