Statement Piece Series – Statement Earrings

statement earrings

As some of you might remember, I started a series on my blog called Statement Piece Series where I first covered the topic of statement necklaces. Well, it’s time to pick up where we left off and talk about another piece of jewelry I adore – statement earrings. Earrings and necklaces are what I wear on most days, sometimes paired, sometimes just one of these things. And, as you might’ve guessed I’m crazy about big & bold in-your-face jewelry. And earrings are no exception there 🙂

I guess my obsession with more extravagant earrings came with the fact that I’ve had my hair short for most of my life. Well, short and colored, I should say. If you’d like to know more about my hair journey, there’s an entire post on my blog dedicated to it, which I’ll link here, in case you want to check it out. So, back to the earrings topic, I know, I get distracted so easily these days…

As I was saying, since my hair is quite short most of the time, I love the way earrings compliment that. I feel like they can stand out more and be more visible when not covered by hair. I’m guessing that’s the main reason I gravitate towards these statement earrings.

And, one final thing before we get to some pictures, where do I get them from? When I went through my collection, I realized 90% of them are vintage – I got them either from my mother/grandmother or from second hand/thrift shops. Most high-street brands such as Zara, H&M etc. carry these types of earrings, but somehow I prefer the story behind the thrift ones.

So, let me show you some of my favorite statement earrings now…

These first one are gorgeous golden vintage earrings from Pepita vintage shop. I love them because they are so versatile and go with almost every look (and hair color).

vintage gold earrings

vintage gold earrings look

These next ones I got from the same place, I fell in love as soon as I saw them. They are these really big yellow flowers, so who wouldn’t like them, right?

vintage yellow floral earrings

vintage yellow floral earrings look

These chunky blue ones are also from the same vintage shop and I adore how bright and in-your-face they are. Earrings in such bright colors are perfect in spring or summertime.

vintage blue earrings

vintage blue earrings look

The next pair I found at a flea market I accidentally stumbled upon in Lisbon couple of years ago. They were 5 euros only and of course, came home to Belgrade with me. They remain one of my favorite statement earrings ever.

vintage floral earrings

vintage floral earrings look

The silver pair with blue details actually belonged to my mother and she kindly let me have them. I can’t remember exactly where she got them from, but I was so happy when I received them.

vintage silver blue earrings

vintage silver blue earrings look

The last pair of vintage statement earrings (for today) are these gold-like pieces in the shape of a flower. They are the newest addition to my collection, and another ones I got from my mother. They are also one of those pieces of jewelry that goes with everything.

vintage silver earrings

vintage silver earrings look

And now, let’s get into some non-vintage ones. Yes, I have those, too!

First ones are these gold-like hoops I got several years ago from H&M. They are quite heavy, so I only wear them for a couple of hours but still, they are gorgeous and have a great look to them.

hm gold hoops

hm gold hoops look

The last pairs I’m going to show you today are hand-made by some really talented girls. And the funny thing about both pairs is that I got them to match my tattoos. So excessive, I know. And these are the least in-your-face, but still worth mentioning, I think.

The first ones were actually a gift from a friend, so got me these to match my swallow tattoo and I love them so much. As you can see, I love wearing different earrings. They don’t need to look the same and that is what makes them statement pieces, in my humble opinion.

swallow earrings

swallow earrings look

These are another unmatched ones I own. I adore polka dots, so they were a perfect choice. I actually own many pairs from this brand called Branart. They have all the designs you can ask for and you can mix and match them however you want to.

lilac dot earrings

lilac dot earrings look

And finally, the last ones… My little nautical earrings to match my anchor tattoo, again from the Branart brand.

anchor earrings

anchor earrings look

So, guys, that would be it for the second part of my Statement Pieces Series, I hope you liked it. I would love to hear your thought on bold pieces of jewelry – do you like them, do you wear them, if not would you start wearing them?

In any case, jewelry is such a personal choice, so I advise you to choose what suits you and your personality the most and just play with it and have fun with your fashion choices!

Till my next post,

Have a great day, Ana!