Pin-up meets modern style mash-up

pin-up meets modern style mash-up

It’s time for my first blog post after my Sombor series (Sombor Tales Part One, Sombor Tales Part Two, Sombor Tales Part Three, Sombor Tales Part Four and Sombor Tales Part Five) and I am quite excited because, as you will see, this one is maybe a bit out of my usual comfort zone, but not that much, as the title suggests it, it’s a pin-up meets modern style mash-up.

So, as I said, the styling of it isn’t perhaps my day-to-day choice but I actually fell in love with this look. This was actually quite a spontaneous photo shoot. And it was a white t-shirt which started it all. But not any plain white tee, this one is hand-painted by my multi-talented friend and photographer @anafiteart. The t-shirt inspired the entire look and I love how the end result turned out. It has bits and pieces of everything, and it does have an eclectic vibe to it.

Ok, why the style mash-up in the title? I guess it’s because the outfit does embody several styles in one look. It is still quite pin-up, but with an edge. The t-shirt with rolled up sleeves goes perfectly with equally rolled up high-waist jeans. The white sneakers are giving it a bit of a sports vibe, but not too much. I’d actually say they contribute to the retro vibe of the look. Adding a bandana was a perfect touch to the pin-up side of the look, especially with this different hair style.

By the way, how do you like this hairstyle? I have to say I really loved it. And it made me realize it’s time to experiment not just with the color, but with the styling part, too. And finally, the accessories. I mean, these are true statement pieces. And I love how both the necklace and the earrings are so bold and in your face. They were the perfect final touch to the outfit.

And now, let’s go see some pictures of this pin-up meets modern style mash-up? What do you think?  Does it maybe embody the spirit of Rosie the Riveter at least a tiny little bit?

modern pin up girl

stradivarius sneakers look

modern pin up

retro girl

retro girl look

stradivarius sneakers style

retro girl look

modern pin up portrait

modern pin ups

The jeans are New Yorker, the t-shirt is hand-painted by @anafiteart, sneakers are Stradivarius,

jewelry is H&M and the bandana is vintage.

Tattoos by @nemo_karavampirtattoo.

Photos and styling by @anafiteart.

Till my next post,

Have a great day, Ana!