An Instagram retro retrospective

floral retro dress

Today I wanted to share with you something I decided to call my little “retro retrospective”. Since I was quite active on my Instagram account before starting this blog, there are a lot of outfits and pictures I had a feeling would make a nice blog post, like an Instagram round up.
As you can see, I’m a sucker for dresses and they are something you can see me wearing probably 90% of the time. In fact, I enjoy accessorizing them, mostly with vintage jewelry and handbags I find thrifting or are given to me by my grandmother.

Retro dresses
The majority of my dresses are retro, or should we say vintage inspired. They usually come from a few of my favorite retro brands and/or boutiques, such as British Retro, Top Vintage boutique, Lindy Bop etc.

This floral beauty is definitely one of my top three dresses. I ordered it from Top Vintage boutique last summer and haven’t stopped wearing it since. I paired it with this bag I carry all summer long, from Betty Page vintage shop. That is the place I get the majority of my vintage accessories from.

floral retro dress

floral retro dress details

This next one, with the coolest animal print, is from Lindy Bop. I love pairing it with my white flats with red lips, aren’t they the cutest?

animal print retro dress

red lips flats

Vintage dresses
Besides retro pieces, I really love thrifting and finding great vintage dresses from second hand and thrift stores. Some of my fave outfits, as you will see, are thrift treasures.

So, this gorgeous floral wrap dress I got from the Betty Page vintage shop and its lovely owner, Milena. Surely, it’s one of my most worn summer outfits. And I usually pair it with this little dark blue knitted bag, a gift from my mother.

floral vintage dress

vintage dark blue small bag

Modern dresses with a vintage twist
My third option when searching for dresses is various high street brands like Zara, Stradivarius, H&M, etc. I love giving contemporary pieces a different vibe. That is why I enjoy mixing them vintage accessories.

Like with this cute H&M dress which I paired with vintage belt and bag, and I feel the vintage/modern mix made it feel a bit more like me.

green short dress

green dress details bag

So, there you go, I hope you enjoyed my little Instagram retro retrospective and saw how I choose and style my favorite piece of clothing – its majesty, the dress 🙂

I’d love to hear which styles make you feel the most comfortable and how you enjoy styling them!

Till my next post,
Have a great day, Ana