My hair evolution – a walk down the memory lane

hair evolution

Today I wanted to go down the memory lane with you, go through some old (and embarrassing) pictures of me and show you how my hair has looked and evolved throughout the last ten or more years, in other words, my hair evolution. And, just to warn you, this is going to be a long one, so get some snacks and relax 🙂

I’ve always felt hair colors and styles are a great way to express your personality and individuality; that’s why I’ve never had any problems with changing it frequently and trying out new stuff. Hey, even if you end up not liking it, it’s just hair, it will grow out, so don’t hesitate to experiment a bit with it!

Let’s just start by telling you a bit about my hair color and type. I have extremely thick hair that is quite straight and it takes a lot of time to style it properly, especially when it has some length to it. My natural hair color is more of a mousy brown, but I’ve been dying it for more than 15 years now. And as you will see, I tend to change my hair color quite often. I’m pretty lucky because, since my hair is so thick, it deals with all my crazy ideas and still remains in pretty good condition.

I’ve always kept my hair shorter because I felt it suited my oval face better. I tried some wigs just for fun and still, definitely a short hair girl. So, I was always a pixie cut girl.

Now that I’ve given you some basic info, let’s start with the fun part and check out some pictures 🙂

my hair evolution

In 2004 the color that was quite similar to my natural one, and I think that was the last time for brown hair. Then in 2005, I went for some quite natural looking highlights. The following year I decided to switch up brownish hair. So, I opted for a change and dyed my hair red and then red and black. I loved having bright red hair so much that I’ve recently gone back to it.

hair evolution color

We’re now midway through with my hair evolution 🙂 So, in the next couple of years I’ve kept my hair lighter and highlighted and even went for a longer length in 2011, which felt so strange so I quickly went back to shorter hairstyles. I guess these were “plain” hair years. And I don’t use the term “plain” in any sort of negative way; I just prefer some more drastic colors and cut.

hair evolution colour

As we go further with my hair evolution, you’ll see that in 2014 and 2015 I rocked an extremely short haircut, more like a buzz cut. I gotta admit, this is one of my favorite cuts and I’ll certainly go back to it some day. I was changing the color more frequently, from blonde to ginger, then dark red and afterward plum. Loved all the colors, and could never really pick my fave one, that’s for sure.

hair evolution colors

In spring and summer of 2016, I went blonde, but this time had extremely light bleached blonde hair. I love this combination of really light blonde hair and short cut. In 2016 I slowly began growing my hair out, or to be precise, one side of it. I was aiming for a more prominent asymmetrical cut. That does take some time, even though my hair grows quite fast.

hair evolution colours

One of the reasons I was bleaching my hair, apart from loving the color, was to prepare it for less mainstream colors. In September last year, I went for lilac hair, by using Directions hair dye in Lilac. This for sure is one of my top three hair colors, and one I’m going to go for again. Even though I loved it, soon I was in the mood for something more vibrant, and so I chose pink/fuchsia hair. After a couple of months with pink hair, I wanted a slight change and died it red in December 2016. To get both of these colors my hairdresser used Subrina Professional hair color.

hair evolution newer

For now, I’m staying in the realm of reds and pinks and enjoying the asymmetrical pixie cut. I have some ideas for new colors and styles, and I’ll keep you posted 🙂 I hope you enjoyed seeing my hair evolution, and I’d love to hear some comments and thoughts from you 🙂

hair evolution newest

In the end, I just wanted to share some of my random thoughts with you… I’ve always been a #shorthairdontcare type of a girl and loved every step of the way. Of course, there were times when people would come up to me and say “Why do you have short hair? Only boys wear short hair”, “Short hair isn’t feminine”, or “Your boyfriend doesn’t mind you having hair this short?”. I’ve learned to deal with it by rubbing off any similar comment, as I firmly believe every person has the right to look, dress and feel the way they want, without being judged, short hair or long, who cares? I feel it’s time to get rid of any labels and just enjoy being and looking the way we feel comfortable, right?

Till my next post,

Have a great day, Ana